What is a Magistrate? 

The magisterial court is the court closest to us, intended to be our community’s direct connection to the judicial system. Magistrates are elected by the citizens of a given district. Elected judges are required go complete rigorous training to prepare them for the role. They have six-year terms and are required to live in the district they intend to serve. For example, Jehosha Wright lives in magisterial district 05-2-40 so that is where he is eligible for candidacy. 

Look below for a map of magisterial district 05-2-40 and you can click here to see where you can vote.


Magisterial District Judges see a variety of cases that may be seen as common yet have a significant impact on community members. Examples of the matters adjudicated in these courts are as follows:

  • traffic citations and non-traffic citations

  • landlord/tenant disputes and civil disputes not exceeding $12,000

  • preliminary arraignments and setting bail

  • Truancy hearings ​



What we are fighting for. 

Innovation: Person-Centered Justice

"Programming is a tremendously underutilized asset in our judicial system. Creative thinking needs to be at the forefront as we develop new ways to navigate this COVID-19 crisis and other court issues. I intend to bring a person-centered approach to justice by focusing on more programming designed to help our citizens, within the law."


"Our judicial system has not fostered true leadership for our people. We need leadership to be bold in combating "business as usual". I plan to persistently work through barriers to advocate for our community members and fight for improvement. Increasing the amount of resources our community has will be paramount in establishing an efficient legal system."


"Time has not been afforded to our people in court. I intend to take the time necessary to understand the people I serve. I plan to use empathy as a guiding principle that will enable me to prioritize caring for our community. Our people deserve to be viewed holistically."



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